NEW!! K2 Formula Snowboard Binding W23/24

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  • Integrated fibreglass materials combine with a classic shape to deliver a lightweight and rugged framework that is the go-to standard in the K2 binding collection.
  • Stiff, durable, and temperature-resistant nylon provide maximum responsiveness and support. Customize your forward lean without the need for tools or a traditional forward lean block.
  • Gap Eraser technology completely eliminates all gapping between the boot, highback, and heel cup, creating an even stronger bond between you and your snowboard. Better contact means better response.
  • The Bender strap is K2's most flexible padless ankle strap option. Created to improve freestyle mobility and help you tweak until those bindings creak.
  • Patented toe strap technology that uses flexible hinges and lock levers to custom fit the toe strap to any snowboard boot silhouette.
  • Canted 3° to match your natural leg position during riding. More support to the outside of the foot provides improved control while reducing fatigue.
  • All strap and high-back adjustments can be done without the need for screwdrivers or other tools.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum is used to make the most bombproof ratchets on the market.
  • Compatible with K2's ProFusion Chassis, the 4" Multi-mount disc focuses on power transfer and lets you mount your snowboard binding to 4-hole and channel mounts.
  • K2 Formula Snowboard Binding